Lab Technician Schools in Jenkintown PA 60953

Clinical laboratory tests play an important role in detecting and treating diseases. Clinical laboratory technicians in Jenkintown PA 60953 or also called as medical technicians are the people who performs these tests. The job of these clinical technicians examines body fluids and tissues. They identify bacteria and other microorganism that causes diseases. These technicians also studies and examines all body fluids and also do blood cross matching’s for blood transfusions. It is also part of their job to tests the drug levels in the blood that can determine how and if the patient is responding to the treatments being given to him or her. So what do these technicians do in examining tissues and fluids? These technicians uses tools like microscopes and other computerized equipments that can help them in doing a number of different tests at the same time. After they examine all the specimens, the results are then analyzed and given to the physician. Before, these tests are done manually and seem to be difficult and may take a long time to be completed. But with the advance world that we have right now, there is definitely an increase in automation and the use of technology is everywhere. With this, the work of these technicians has become more easy and methodical. That is why it is important for lab technicians to have a good level of judgment and education because a person really needs a good analytical skill. Clinical laboratory technicians in Jenkintown PA 60953 do less difficult tests and procedures that what laboratory technologists usually do. Technicians work under the management of a laboratory technologist. Some technicians also take specializations. Clinical technicians in Jenkintown PA 60953 should also follow safety precautions to protect themselves since they are working with fluids and tissues. They should wear protective gears like mask and gloves. These technicians’ works in rotating shifts from day, evening and night shifts. They should also expect on-calls and overtimes.

The first step to take in being a lab technician in Jenkintown PA 60953 is to first know the job description of this profession. This will keep a person aware on things that is expected to be done by him. This could also help in making a decision whether to have a career on this profession or not. Next step is to earn a high school diploma. This is a preparation in becoming a lab technician. In high school, preparatory subjects like chemistry, physics, algebra and other subjects are being taught. A high school diploma or GED is really a must requirement. Having a lab technician education is important. A lot of lab technician schools offer programs like a two year associate program or certification. After graduating in Jenkintown PA 60953, some states require a person to be authorized or registered.

Lab technician salary can reach up to $55,000 a year. The lowest salary that one can earn is $35,000 a year and the highest salary paid is $75,000. But this salary depends on a lot of factors and these factors include education, employment status, location of the job and also the years of experience one has.

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Clinical Laboratory Technician

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