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Lab Technician Schools in Blountstown FL 60706

Monday, November 14th, 2016:

Marked increases in the population in Blountstown FL 60706 and the development of new tests and procedures have contributed to the need additional for clinical lab workers. Experts believe the fastest growth will occur in diagnostic laboratories and doctors’ offices in Blountstown FL 60706.  However, projections are that hospitals will have the highest number of employees in the field and there will be more available jobs than the number of qualified medical lab technicians to fill those job openings. While you can work as a medical lab technician with a certificate or an Associates Degree in an Allied Health field, additional education will qualify the medical lab technician to advance to the position of medical lab technologist in Blountstown FL 60706.

A lab technician in Blountstown FL 60706 has many duties for which he or she is responsible including the following:

•    Test patient blood in order to ascertain the response to treatments

•    Use available laboratory equipment to locate bacteria, parasites and other types of microorganisms in the body

•    Perform analysis on cell stained with dye to locate anything abnormal

•    Collect blood and urine samples

•    Perform any necessary laboratory testing

•    Label all samples of bodily fluids including blood and urine

•    Review and record test data that will be used to create charts, graphs and descriptions of each testing procedure

•    Analyze body fluids

•    Sterilize all testing instruments

•    Record all tests performed

•    Clean all laboratory equipment

•    Ascertain the blood type of all donors

•    Responsible for preparing, staining and labeling all slides

•    Responsible for operating all automated analyzers

In 2006 the median salary for a medical technician was $32,840, but that will vary according to the location as well as the type of facility where the medical lab technician works. The duties may also vary based on the needs of the facility and the demographics of the area.  Lab technician schools will train each student in all of the duties they may potentially have to perform so they will be well prepared when they graduate.

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